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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Over a week after Thanksgiving

It is over a week after Thanksgiving. Black Friday after-Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday are a distant tasks, done or not.  Live tree lots are becoming increasingly sparse.  Practically all the bowl games are set, I think.  I'm not a "big bowl" girl so I am sorta ignorant here.

Having gobbled (no pun intended) my  favorite meal of the year down with gusto, I am pretty sure all the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone.  If not, "Yikes!" Can you say,  "Salmonella".  That said, than why?

Is this still on my front door?!!!!

Am I in mourning for Thanksgiving?  Am I lingering too long?

Shouldn't I be motiviated by:
  • Christmast music streamed into every eating and shopping spot in town;
  • or Christmas deco in the drug store;
  • or shopping mall or restaurant; or cute-sy boutique shops;
  • or downtown;
  • or uptown;
  • or lakeside;
  • or holiday cheer;
  • or the generosity of mankind;
  • or the generosity of my God?



And so with over a week after Thanksgiving, I have switched door wreaths.  Join me, lead me or get outta my way!

Welcome Christmas holiday!  A time when we were all given the best that we've ever gotten....

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