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Sunday, May 23, 2010

...but not in a good way

As a student recently emerged from our campus's placement testing center, I read aloud the graphic on his t-shirt which said, "Sometimes I Amaze Myself".  My immediate response was, "Me too, but not in a good way!".  I laughed.  He smiled.

In society, we used to say,  "I mean this in the best possible way, but..."  It was the phrase that prefaced a half-apologetic statement.  Today, in a more curt and less-soft spoken society, there is no apology.  Today, it is "but not in a good  way".  I find this phrase funny and maybe you will too.

So from anyone's perspective, for anyone's humor, try one of these on for size but finish each line with phrase "...but not in a good way"; and hopefully, today, you'll chuckle and please feel free to add your own so we can laugh together.

Sometimes I amaze myself,

Very few things surprise me,

I am so hot,

The grass is always greener,

I knew that,

It went viral on YouTube,

You'll taste, feel, smell that in the morning,

Nothing surprises me,


That is an interesting fragrance you're wearing,

It's a flattering proposition,

I'll take that as a "yes",

That's just great,

Well good!

American's got plenty of offshore oil,

You'll remember that,

Everything surprises me,

Despite the attitudes and actions of today's society which may be insincere, half-apologetic, sacrastic and/or cyncial,  I encourage you to just laugh so you can keep giving it the best that you've got, BUT IN A GOOD WAY!