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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Spa Rules

Larry was long gone to begin his conference agenda.  This left me by myself.  So after finishing an oversized, overpriced, over-caloried, flakey, and deliciously-buttery crossiant, a fragrant cup of cream-filled coffee, a tall icy glass of water and the crisp pages of the Money section of Monday's USA Today, it was time to leave the peace of my room's terrance to stroll across the foliage-filled atrium of the Gaylord Texan Resort to the outdoor pool.  It was a beautiful sunny late-spring Texas morning and I was determined to do nothing and to fully enjoy the peaceful surroundings offered up by the hospitable folks at the Gaylord.

After a short jaunt,  I swang open the frosted-glass double doors to the outdoor pool to find rows of perfectly aligned pool-side lounges each dotted with a fresh white beach towel and each spot offering limited solitude.  However at 8am, there was not another soul in sight, total solitude. Amidst the backdrop of silence only the sweet rumblings of jet sprays from the warm alluring waters of the hot tub spa.  So gliding pass the lounge chairs each adorned with a neatly rolled and particularly placed towel, gliding pass the 3-ft, then 4-ft, and then 5-ft crystal  blue waters of the pool reflecting Texas sunlight, gliding pass the cabanas, I found my destination pristine.  Now, off with my swim suit cover to a quick spray under the pool-side shower and two steps later, I sank quickly into engulfing spa waters to continue on my morning quest to do nothing, ALONE.  To be sure I (or anyone) will have every opportunity to do nothing, the Gaylord conspiciously posts the following Spa Rules and I found them to be easiest rules I never broke:

1.  No food, drink, glass or animals in spa or on spa deck. (Just finished my breakfast - left dog back home in MS)
2.  Max. Bathing Load: 6 Persons (Uh, by myself)
3.  Spa Hours: 7am 12 midnight (8:20am, I'm good)
4.  Shower Before Entering (Done)
6.  Maximum safe water temperature is 104 - check water temperature before each use. (Check)
7.  Children under twelve must have adult supervision (School's out; its 8:20am, this is not a problem)
8.  Do not use spa under influence alcohol, narcotics or other drugs that can cause sleepiness, drowsiness, or raise/lower blood pressure.(Is heavily-creamed coffee a narcotic?)
9.  Pregnant women, small children, and people with health problems should  not use spa without consulting a physician. (I'm going to be noncommittal here)
10.  Maximum use 15 minutes. (This might actually be a problem)
11.  No lifeguard on duty. (I'm good with this)
12.  No running. (No problem)
13.  No diving (Noooooooooo problem) 
14.  Keep all electrical appliances away from the spa. (No problem)
15.  Do not use the spa during stormy weather or if lightning is visible. (Check)
16.  Report any unsafe conditions to management (Would I have to get out of the spa?)
17.  Adress:  1501 Gaylord Trail, Building I, Grapevine, TX  76051 (Helpful if needed)
18.  In case of emergency DIAL 911 (Hopefully not needed)
19.  Nearest phone located at Towel Hut.(I took the Spa Rules photo with my cell; I think I'm good)
20.  NO DIVING (Again, noooooooooo problem)

Don't break your own Spa Rules and visit the Gaylord Texan at: where they seem to go out of their way at giving you the best that they've got...