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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012

To every niece, nephew, cousin, aunt, uncle, in-law, son or daughter from Oregon, California, Utah, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, Lousiana, and Geogia and all points, family and friends in between...Happy New Year 2012!  Hey y'all 2011 is over and we made it!

Welcome 2012!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Over a week after Thanksgiving

It is over a week after Thanksgiving. Black Friday after-Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday are a distant tasks, done or not.  Live tree lots are becoming increasingly sparse.  Practically all the bowl games are set, I think.  I'm not a "big bowl" girl so I am sorta ignorant here.

Having gobbled (no pun intended) my  favorite meal of the year down with gusto, I am pretty sure all the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone.  If not, "Yikes!" Can you say,  "Salmonella".  That said, than why?

Is this still on my front door?!!!!

Am I in mourning for Thanksgiving?  Am I lingering too long?

Shouldn't I be motiviated by:
  • Christmast music streamed into every eating and shopping spot in town;
  • or Christmas deco in the drug store;
  • or shopping mall or restaurant; or cute-sy boutique shops;
  • or downtown;
  • or uptown;
  • or lakeside;
  • or holiday cheer;
  • or the generosity of mankind;
  • or the generosity of my God?



And so with over a week after Thanksgiving, I have switched door wreaths.  Join me, lead me or get outta my way!

Welcome Christmas holiday!  A time when we were all given the best that we've ever gotten....